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Aptean provides COVID-19 Researchers free access to sequencing software

Aptean has announced that it will share tools with the scientific community to help their efforts in researching and responding to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Aptean is one of the largest intellectual property sequence database that uses proprietary sequence comparison algorithms for in-depth search and analysis.

Since February, Aptean has been offering cost-free, limited-access GenomeQuest accounts to scientists researching the virus in the countries most impacted by COVID-19. The company is now extending this offer to companies around the world, providing essential genetic information and analysis tools to support their efforts to diagnose and cure the disease. This access can also aid in potentially creating vaccines to prevent similar outbreaks in the future.

Martin Wagstaff, Group Vice President of Compliance Solutions at Aptean comments: ‘The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing to spread worldwide, creating global concern and uncertainty. As scientists work to come up with a vaccine for the disease, we’ve utilised the genetic sequence information in the NCBI virus database, in conjunction with GenomeQuest, our intellectual property sequence search tool, to provide scientists with a unique set of benefits critical to support the research.’

GenomeQuest software enables researchers to upload their own proprietary sequence data—allowing users to leverage their own data in tandem with publically available COVID-19 sequence data inside a secure, confidential environment. The platform can be used to collect data insights on a single-base level or over a large amount of data while users can also search the latest information with access to nearly 450 million patent sequences. Wagstaff adds, ‘GenomeQuest also has a unique group of search algorithms and the unique capability to identify very specific variant sequences, neither of which is available elsewhere.’


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