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Altair SimLab sT aims to slash simulation cycle time for manufacturers

Altair has announced a new solution which aims to reduce the simulation time for manufacturers. The newly announced SimLab sT, is a turn-key solution for the mid-market, which is being distributed to more than 170 channel partners attending the company’s annual Global Partner Summit in Dubai.

Altair SimLab sT enables a broad community of designers and engineers to leverage multiphysics simulation to confidently explore design proposals, drive innovation and accelerate product development. Designed to support manufacturers burdened with increasing complexity amid shrinking development cycles, SimLab sT automates every step of the simulation process through shareable workflows with live bi-directional connections to popular CAD systems.

‘Altair SimLab sT is different than anything out there because it allows designers, engineers and simulation experts to make informed, reliable design decisions faster,’ said James Dagg, Altair chief technology officer. ‘Through the intelligent automation of low-value, labor intensive tasks requiring skilled expertise, this technology frees the engineering mind to solve the toughest problems – levelling the playing field for the SMB community to compete at the highest levels.’

With the introduction of SimLab sT, Altair builds upon its core SimLab technology and leadership in automated solid modelling, with  an entirely new user experience. The solution features the addition of deeply embedded physics solvers, revolutionary business models.

New User Experience Opens New Markets – The new user experience further accelerates simulation cycle time and expands the addressable markets for high-end multiphysics analysis. This includes SMB manufacturers and design engineers responsible for developing product families sharing common and variant components.

Live, bi-directional syncing with popular CAD systems – Always stay in sync with the latest design level to evaluate performance and explore proposals with live connections to parametric CAD systems including CATIA, Pro/E, Siemens NX and SolidWorks.

Embedded Physics Solvers Enable CAD-to-Simulation in Minutes – The introduction of embedded physics solvers for statics, dynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow and electromagnetics provides a turn-key solution to accelerate multiphysics analyses, coupled simulations, and DOE studies from days and weeks to minutes and hours.

Freedom to Choose the Best Licensing Model for Maximum Value – SimLab sT is immediately available through Altair’s solidThinking and HyperWorks suite offerings. With distinct advantages and price points, customers now have the ability to select the licensing model that enables the right set of simulation capabilities at the best value to their organization.

solidThinking Units (sTU’s) Licensing Option: Provides enterprise access to SimLab sT and all of the products available through the solidThinking suite offering. Sold through Altair’s valued channel network, the more attractive SimLab sT price point provides a compelling offering for SMB manufacturers and organizations starting or upgrading existing simulation capabilities.

HyperWorks Units (HWU’s) Licensing Option: Provides enterprise access to SimLab sT as well as the ability to access all Altair products available through the HyperWorks and solidThinking suite offerings. This licensing option also includes the broadest set of direct CAE readers to run 3rd-party solvers with Simlab and access to more than 150 Altair Partner Alliance applications.


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