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Altair adds compatibility with tyre simulation software

Altair Engineering has added new functionality to its MotionSolve mechanical systems simulation solver. It now interfaces with Cosin Scientific Software's Flexible Ring Tire Model (FTire), a full 3D nonlinear tyre simulation model, which enables a more realistic full vehicle model simulation to improve the durability and vehicle ride comfort. Altair developed the interface between MotionSolve and FTire to assess and tune how a vehicle handles road irregularities based on tyre characteristics.  

'Previously, MotionSolve allowed for full vehicle model simulation with simplified tyre characteristics,' said Jon Quigley, director of systems modelling for Altair. 'Now, engineers can apply real tyre characteristics to the full vehicle model simulation, resulting in a more detailed and accurate analysis of how a vehicle will behave on a variety of rough road surfaces.'


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