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Allinea to develop debugging tool for CEA

Allinea Software has signed a collaboration agreement with CEA (the French Atomic Energy Commission) to develop enhancements to Allinea’s Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) for next generation hybrid and 'many-core' computer systems. Once developed, this technology will be made available to Allinea's customers.

Allinea and CEA will focus their collaboration on two primary projects. The first project is to enhance DDT to be able to debug hybrid GPGPU (general purpose computing on graphics processing units) systems, that transfer most of the intensive computational tasks from standard CPU servers to powerful multi-core, parallel-processing graphics boards to make processing much faster and cost-efficient. The project will begin with Nvidia's Tesla GPGPU board.

The focus of the second project is to make debugging tools both portable and easy to use for large scale debugging up to 32,000 cores.

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