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Airbus increases its HPC capacity

Airbus has increased its high-performance computing (HPC) capacity to 1,200 TFlops by deploying a new generation of HP Performance Optimised Data centres (PODs) in Toulouse, France, and Hamburg, Germany.

The new HP PODs are 12-metre-long containers with pre-integrated clusters of HP ProLiant server blades featuring the latest Intel processors, enabling Airbus to increase its compute power while saving space and energy. Energy per TFlop has decreased by nearly 50 per cent compared with the existing POD solution also delivered by HP.

Each of Airbus' HP PODs contains blade servers, storage, networking, software and management as well as integrated power and cooling. The HP PODs can be upgraded or replaced with no additional energy provisioning, and no need for extra space on-site.

‘We are pleased to build on our supercomputing partnership with HP,’ said Guus Dekkers, CIO of Airbus. ‘Over the next five years, HP will continue to enhance our PODs by boosting capacity and raising energy efficiency while providing increased availability, resilience and security.’

HP’s Centre of Excellence for High Performance Computing in Grenoble, France, helped to optimise cluster performance and effectiveness, while HP Enterprise Services configured the new clusters to integrate into the Airbus IT environment.

‘Organisations like Airbus need creative scenarios to cater for future business needs,’ said Peter Ryan, senior vice president & general manager, HP Enterprise Group EMEA. ‘HP will continue to provide the newest, most powerful technology and operations to support Airbus’ HPC for the next five years.’

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