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Agilent to acquire Genohm

Agilent has announced that it will acquire Genohm, a developer of highly differentiated, on-premise and cloud-based software solutions for laboratory management. This acquisition will expand Agilent’s laboratory informatics software portfolio adding LIMS and workflow management while expanding ELN capability.

‘We were impressed with the team and the technology,’ said John Sadler, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Software and Informatics Division. ‘The modern architecture of SLIMS is perfectly aligned with the values of Agilent's OpenLab products. By integrating this technology with our broad and diverse instrument portfolio, we are in a unique position to support and enhance the operations of modern laboratories—truly helping our customers to do more with their data.’

Genohm's main laboratory software automation suite, SLIMS, is a digital platform that provides laboratories with a rapidly deployable laboratory information management system (LIMS) and electronic lab notebook (ELN) environment that is used in biobanks, research labs and next-gen sequencing facilities.

The platform tracks data and samples, tests and users, results and workflows, from the original material shipment to the result from lab instruments and in-silico analysis pipelines. Genohm also has an application marketplace with preconfigured workflows to enable rapid system implementation across a broad range of industries and scientific workflows.

Customers are looking to generate better answers, and this requires integrated informatics solutions. This acquisition enhances Agilent's current software portfolio, adding LIMS and workflow management while expanding ELN capability.  This combination will allow Agilent to bring greater context to analytical data, enabling scientists to generate results more efficiently.

‘Genohm has an excellent footprint in the genomics space,’ said Dr Kamni Vijay, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Genomics Division. ‘This acquisition supports our strategy to offer complete next-generation sequencing workflows and improve the laboratory management of our genomic customers.’

‘We are very excited to join the Agilent team and believe that together we can accelerate development of the digital lab to help our customers advance science and discovery while ensuring compliance and traceability,’ said Frederik Decouttere, founder and CEO of Genohm. ‘Our laboratory management platform is highly configurable, easily deployable and leverageable across many different workflows, which makes our technology a perfect fit for Agilent.’

Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

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