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Acceleware announces partnership to accelerate solar cell simulations

Acceleware has announced a partnership with Crosslight Software to deliver acceleration for thin-film solar cell and image pixel sensor simulations. Apsys, Crosslight's 2/3D electrical and electromagnetics simulation tool for semiconductor design, combined with Acceleware's acceleration solution for the finite difference time domain (FDTD) algorithm now delivers simulation results up to 100X faster than the existing open source solver on a high end workstation.

'The speed up delivered by Acceleware's FDTD engine is clearly a significant advance for our customers,' said Simon Li, president of Crosslight Software. 'This performance will open new doors for our Apsys end users in terms of simulation detail and accuracy, and will enable rapid design iteration and optimisation.'

Upon initial testing, Crosslight is pleased to report a 100X speed up of its Apsys solution using Acceleware's GPU and multi-core enabled software as compared with conventional CPU-based FDTD solvers. Acceleration of the optical design process is especially valuable for Apsys users doing solar cell and image pixel simulations, reducing design cycle time, mitigating technical risk, and optimising yields. Customer budgets also benefit from the Acceleware FDTD engine and GPU combination that delivers a cost-efficient solution to achieve high performance.

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