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HPC Yearbook 2017-18

Welcome to the content from our HPC Yearbook 2017-18, our annual guide to high-performance computing for scientific and engineering research.

Covering artificial intelligence, exascale, performance measurement, scaling software and more, these in-depth features will provide insight and expertise for anyone involved in the management or use of HPC facilities for the purposes of scientific research.

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CAE turns to HPC

Robert Roe interviews Ansys' Wim Slagter on the value of HPC technology within the CAE market
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Firing up a continent

Nox Moyake describes the process of entrenching and developing HPC in South Africa
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AI drives new computing technologies

Robert Roe looks at advances in AI computing technology
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Continental ambitions

Robert Roe looks at European and North American efforts to establish exascale computing programmes
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The path to an energy-efficient exascale supercomputer

Adrian Giordani explores the methods used to measure the performance of supercomputers accurately
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The best HPC applications of 2017

Gemma Church explores the applications at the forefront of HPC research
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