Waters reports second quarter 2021 financial results

Waters has announced its second-quarter 2021 sales of $682 million, a 31 per cent increase as reported, compared to sales of $520 million for the second quarter of 2020. Foreign currency translation benefited sales growth by approximately 4 per cent for the quarter.

Empower Software Audit Trails and Logs: A guide to the different locations of audit trails in Empower and what information they provide to reviewers

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Audit trails are considered the key to the security of a system since they track changes to data and metadata. In this way, an incomplete or absent audit trail can impact data integrity or even product quality. The absence of an audit trail is considered to be, “highly significant when there are data discrepancies” according to the FDA.

Backup vs Archive: What's the difference and why you need both

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Today, laboratory-based organizations face a wide variety of unaddressed data management challenges, and yet ultimately the scientific data is the currency with which they trade. Proper data management may not pay shareholders but it fundamentally defines the integrity of the organization and it’s purpose for existing. Being the cheapest, the fastest or the most definitive is desirable but it is all meaningless if the data is untrustworthy.

NuGenesis 8

Featuring newly-developed LE Technology, a documentation and workflow solution that guides laboratory analysts through routine standard operating procedures, NuGenesis 8 has been released by Waters


Getting off to an early start at Pittcon 2011, Waters presented the heart of its biopharmaceutical system


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