Altair Acquires Univa

Altair has announced the acquisition of Univa, a company the specialises in workload management, scheduling, and optimisation solutions for HPC and artificial intelligence (AI) on-premises and in the cloud


Univa (C-1214) Grid Engine is the leading workload management system. The solution maximises the use of shared resources in a data centre and applies advanced policy management tools to deliver products and results faster, more efficiently, and with lower overall costs. The product can be deployed in any technology environment, including containers: on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. A variety of add-ons can be utilised to extend workload management capabilities and create a customised solution for any enterprise infrastructure.

Grid MP 5.8

US-based company Univa has released version 5.8 of its Grid MP product for building distributed computing environments from both non-dedicated and dedicated resources

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