Altix UV supercomputer

SGI has introduced its Altix UV supercomputer, targeted at high-end supercomputing. The Altix UV uses Intel Xeon x86 processors to deliver a scalable shared-memory supercomputer

Octane III Personal Supercomputer

SGI has introduced the Octane III, its first personal supercomputer, combining the power and performance of an HPC deskside cluster with the portability and usability of a workstation

CloudRack X2

SGI has introduced the CloudRack X2, a series of scalable workgroup clusters for HPC, graphics and internet applications. The new model delivers extreme density and 99 per cent power distribution efficiency with Power XE in a 5ft square form factor

InfiniteStorage 6120

SGI has launched the SGI InfiniteStorage 6120, a cost-effective storage product designed for superior density, high capacity, IOPs performance and multiple drive options


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