Data Translation

LV-Link 3.0

Data Translation announces the release of a new version of its LV-Link software drivers for LabVIEW

Measure Foundry 5.1

Data Translation has released the latest version of its open, powerful application builder for test and measurement systems, known as Measure Foundry 5.1.

Measure Foundry 5.1

Data Translation has released Measure Foundry 5.1, which features Vista support and the addition of new components.

DT9837A model

Data Translation has launched its DT9837A model, which is an accurate and rugged USB data acquisition module for sound and vibration measurement.


Data Translation has launched the DT9872 model, which is the latest addition to the TEMPpoint temperature measurement series. The version comes ready-to-run with its own software, allows direct connection of up to 48 four-wire resistance temperature sensors (RTDs) and is easy to connect to the PC via USB.

Measure Foundry 5.0

With Measure Foundry 5.0 Data Translation presents an open test and measurement software solution for all standard instruments and bus interfaces.

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