UK AWE awards new contract to Bull

Atos, the company behind European supercomputer developer Bull, has announced that it was awarded a contract to install a new system for the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE)

B700 DLC supercomputers

Bull has launched the bullx B700 DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) supercomputers, a new series of Bull blade servers that reduce data centre cooling requirements and energy consumption

Novascale Bullion

Bull has launched its Novascale Bullion, a scalable high-end server, designed to respond to business needs for more reliable infrastructures, high-availability, greater agility and energy management

Bullx supernodes (S-series)

Bull has launched its Bullx supernodes (S-series). These quad-core SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing) servers can be extended to 8, 12 or 16 processors


Bull has introduced the Bullx family of environmentally efficient, ultra-dense and ultra-high performance supercomputers, suitable for anywhere from a small R&D office up to a data centre


Bull has launched myVMBox, a bespoke virtualisation solution for VMware environments

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