Bright Computing

Whatever the weather

Gemma Church explores the use of modelling and simulation to predict weather and climate patterns

Achieving a Dynamic Data Center

Robert Stober, Director of Systems Engineering at Bright Computing explains how organizations can benefit from connecting diverse and disparate technologies.

Fox Chase Cancer Center adopts Bright Cluster Manager

Bright Computing, a provider of hardware-agnostic cluster and cloud management software, has announced that the Fox Chase Cancer Center is now using Bright Cluster Manager for use in a new high-performance computing (HPC) cluster in operation at the centre

Bright Computing releases Bright Cluster Manager 7.3

Bright Computing, a provider of cluster and cloud management software, has released Version 7.3 of Bright Cluster Manager and Bright OpenStack. The updates provide enhanced support for containers, enhanced integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), improvements to the interface with the Ceph distributed object store and file system, and updates to make deployment and configuration easier and more intuitive.

Solving manufacturing challenges with HPC

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In this eBook, learn how engineering simulation software running on a well-managed clustered IT infrastructure has helped manufacturers and research scientists across a range of industries reduce development time and increase output. Featuring real-life examples from the fields of aerospace, automotive and materials science, the eBook explores how manufacturers large and small can cut costs by using affordable high-performance computing resources.


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