CUDA for EM simulations

Acceleware and Computer Simulation Technology (CST) have released a Cuda (Compute Unified Device Architecture) based solution for accelerating EM simulations with CST Microwave Studio (CST MWS).


Acceleware has released the C30-16, a GPU-based cluster solution combining Acceleware's clustering technology with its portfolio of designed-for-parallel computational algorithms to harness the power of 64 GPUs.

Acceleware AxKTM

Acceleware has released Acceleware AxKTM, an application library that enables users of 3D Pre-Stack Time Migration (PSTM) solutions to easily access the multi-fold performance benefits of todays leading GPUs (graphic processor units).

Seismic data acceleration software

Acceleware has launched its seismic data acceleration software, which reduces processing times and delivers faster results when the oil and gas industry are making drilling decisions.

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