Jacket v2.0

AccelerEyes has released v2.0 of Jacket, adding GPU computing capabilities for use with Matlab. The latest version delivers even more speed through a host of new improvements, maximising GPU device performance and utilisation


AccelerEyes has launched ArrayFire, a freely-available GPU software library supporting Cuda and OpenCL devices

LibJacket v1.0

AccelerEyes has released version 1.0 of LibJacket, enabling programmers to achieve better GPU performance with less programming

Jacket v1.7

AccelerEyes has released version 1.7 of its Jacket software for GPU computing with Matlab

Jacket v1.5

AccelerEyes has released version 1.5 of Jacket, its GPU programming platform for Matlab

Jacket 1.4

AccelerEyes has released version 1.4 of its Jacket software platform for Matlab, adding support the latest Nvidia GPUs based on the Fermi architecture

Jacket version 1.3

AccelerEyes has introduced version 1.3 of its Jacket GPU computing software that integrates double precision linear algebra, is easier to setup, performs faster, and is less expensive


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