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Unlocking Your Lab with the Right ELN

Laboratory science

Credit: Revvity Signals

On the 8th November, Revvity Signals will share best practices for selecting a future-ready ELN to drive your lab's digital transformation in a new webinar hosted on Scientific Computing World.

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Digitising the modern lab can accelerate insights and discoveries - but only with systems that communicate seamlessly. Traditional ELNs trap data in silos, severely limiting productivity.

With a robust API-driven ELN like Revvity Signals Notebook, labs can centralise data from diverse sources onto a unified platform. Combined with flexible integration services like Scitara Digital Lab Exchange, you can eliminate silos and propel data anywhere it needs to flow - from acquisition to analysis.

By revealing strategies for choosing a connectivity-first ELN, this webinar provides a blueprint for transitioning to an insights-driven digital lab. You'll learn how to assess vendor offerings and validate that the solution can smoothly integrate with the growing array of systems key to modern scientific workflows.

Attendees will learn how Revvity SIgnals prioritise cloud-native ELNs built on open, flexible infrastructure; Ensure extensive API availability to connect with instruments, devices, and software; Require integration with existing systems before committing and Demand evidence of scalability and reliability from vendors.

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