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The new issue of Scientific Computing World is out now!

SCW Summer 2023 issue cover preview

Credit: Scientific Computing World

Here at Scientific Computing World, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new print issue!

The cover story for our new issue looks at the development of automotive systems using AI. The use of AI technology is accelerating the development of new systems and opening up new possibilities for design and structural optimisation. The use of advanced computing technologies such as AI and quantum computing, is a theme that runs throughout the issue with content exploring the application of AI in pharma and the application quantum computing to biological research.

Now you can preview some of the articles from the new issue on our website! From the latest news stories and features to interviews and cutting-edge products, here's a snapshot of what you’ll find in the latest print issue of Scientific Computing World:


Creating better treatments with AI

The increasing use of AI promises to revolutionise drug discovery, accelerating discovery pipelines and making it cheaper to create new drugs

Optimising automotive performance with AI

Optimisation and next-gen AI are driving the automotive industry forward. The use of AI promises help with increasing design complexity and mounting regulations that slow the pace of automotive innovation.

The potential for quantum computing in biological research

Quantum computing is opening up new possibilities for drug discovery and helping to develop treatments for cancer. Eugenia Bahit explains how this technology will reduce dependence on animal testing.

Sustainable computing with quantum

Yuval Boger gives his thoughts on how quantum computing can support large-scale research and lead to more sustainable computing architecture

Silicon photonics in focus

Silicon photonics could deliver the next paradigm shift in computing performance and help drive more sustainable computing frameworks in the future.


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