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Happy World Quantum Day 2024!

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We're thrilled to invite you to join us in celebrating World Quantum Day – an annual celebration promoting public awareness and understanding of quantum science and technology around the world.

As advocates for innovation and exploration, we at Scientific Computing World recognise the opportunity today gives us to reflect on how quantum science is shaping the future of technology, especially in quantum computing.

Here are just a few of our recent stories from the intersection of the quantum and scientific computing worlds. 

Hardware innovation demonstrates quantum computers will scale
Solving the 'Wiring Problem' clears the path to widespread commercial viability. 

NTT Research PHI Lab scientists achieve quantum control of excitons
Research published in Science Advances demonstrates the electrical control of quantum dots.

Rolls-Royce, Riverlane and Xanadu partnership wins Canada-UK quantum computing bid 
The grant funding from Innovate UK will be used to accelerate the development of applications that will allow quantum computers to model the flow of air through jet engines.

£45 million investment to drive breakthroughs in quantum computing
The UK government is investing £45 million in the UK's quantum sector - as part of its commitment to transforming into a quantum-enabled economy by 2033.

Jülich Supercomputing Centre to install a new quantum computer in July
The IQM Spark quantum computer is scheduled to go into operation in July 2024 as part of Jülich’s JUNIQ quantum computing infrastructure.

Lawrence Berkeley researchers to receive the Hans Meuer Award for quantum research
The researchers' work explores the evaluation of the classical hardware requirements for large-scale quantum computations.

Q-CTRL details partnerships that aim to make quantum computing more useful
The quantum computing developer has teamed up with Wolfram, Qblox, and others to deliver a complete quantum computing toolset for researchers and enterprises.

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