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Energy efficiency is driving many HPC users to the Cloud

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This White Paper from Hyperion Research demonstrates how HPC users can use  the energy-efficient accelerated compute from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA to run more workloads, faster.

With the latest global shifts, energy efficiency has been propelled to the forefront of data centre priorities. As new use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) continue to emerge, the demand for high-performance computing (HPC) resources increase. Combined with rising energy prices globally, HPC users are looking for ways to optimise HPC workloads, while keeping energy efficiency goals in mind.

HPC use cases are growing in number and computational intensity, with new industrial users looking to use HPC to address their computational challenges in areas like AI. The goal of providing these new and existing end users with energy-efficient HPC resources has challenged data centre managers, with some opting to look outside their on-premises infrastructure for a solution. 

A growing number of data centre operators are turning to cloud service providers (CSPs) to address their need for energy- efficient computing to run their most energy-intensive workloads. With the proper expertise and guidance on building, configuring, and operating cloud resources, organisations can leverage the energy-efficient compute offerings of CSPs to supplement or even replace on-premises data centre capacity, and see substantial reductions in the energy used for certain workloads.

Who should read this White Paper?

  • Data centre managers seeking to enhance energy efficiency
  • HPC users aiming to optimise their workloads
  • Organisations striving to align with energy regulations and policies

What does this White Paper cover?

  • This White Paper details the concerns for power-constrained data centres
  • Why addressing these concerns requires a holistic and adaptive approach to ensure HPC workloads are run efficiently, and how this can be achieved.
  • An overview of the current energy demands on HPC  data centres.
  • The latest trends in cloud migration for HPC energy efficiency
  • The AWS and NVIDIA approach to energy-efficient HPC: With access to the latest NVIDIA GPUs, HPC users can use full-stack accelerated computing to do more computational work while saving energy and time.
  • Examples of how AWS and NVIDIA are improving energy efficiency across global industries.
  • How to remain compliant with energy regulations and policies is a concern for most organisations: The potential reduction in energy usage, with accelerated-HPC in the cloud, can help organisations align with the growing emphasis on energy-efficient computing.
  • The future outlook for HPC data centres

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