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Reduced footprint pushes HPC/AI storage to the edge

Panasas new ActiveStor Ultra Edge platform is an HPC and AI/ML storage solution designed for edge computing environments. Panasas’ ActiveStor Ultra Edge platform has a reduced footprint and lower entry cost, making it an ideal choice for organisations deploying HPC and AI/ML applications at remote locations, closer to where data is generated, to improve real-time decision-making. ActiveStor Ultra Edge will be showcased this week at ISC High Performance 2023 in Hamburg, Germany at Panasas booth #G713.

Global spending on edge computing is expected to reach $208 billion in 2023, an increase of 13.1% over 2022, according to the IDC Worldwide Edge Spending Guide. Organisations deploying edge HPC and AI/ML applications will require greater performance and system reliability at the edge. ActiveStor Ultra Edge offers a robust, compact, and high-performance solution at a competitive price point that enables organisations to scale and keep pace with growing demands of real-time data processing.

ActiveStor Ultra Edge is the newest addition to Panasas’ ActiveStor portfolio, designed to serve the evolving data requirements in today’s modern HPC ecosystem, which encompasses traditional HPC applications alongside AI/ML processing as well as cloud and edge computing technologies. The Panasas PanFS® data engine, the industry’s first parallel file system for Linux and the heart of the ActiveStor storage family, delivers infinitely scalable storage capacity and performance in the small form-factor Ultra Edge system to address diverse edge computing demands across industries.

“Our customers require storage infrastructures that can dynamically adapt to a changing mix of both AI/ML and traditional HPC workflows, but also have the capacity to support workflows across core data centres, remote satellite locations, and into the cloud,” stated Tom Shea, CEO at Panasas. “The reduced footprint of ActiveStor Ultra Edge delivers the required performance, reliability, and ease of management that Panasas is known for, making it ideal for smaller and remote HPC data centres.”

The Panasas PanFS data engine, together with the PanView™ and PanMove™ data visibility and movement suite, is solving data location challenges while delivering industry-leading simplicity and enhanced protection from drive, node, and site failure. From erasure coding to patented file-level RAID protection, Panasas brings enterprise-grade reliability and ease of use to high-performance parallel storage at the edge, so organisations can make informed decisions faster to improve operational efficiency.


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