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Maplesoft enables sharing of MapleSim Models

Maplesoft has announced the MapleSim Explorer, a new cost-effective deployment solution that makes MapleSim models available throughout the engineering organisation. With the MapleSim Explorer, companies can make the knowledge embedded in their MapleSim models available to other engineers to support informed decision making.

MapleSim is an advanced system-level modelling tool that enables innovation and reduces development risk, allowing engineering organizations to create better products, faster. With MapleSim, engineers can easily create virtual models, such as  Digital Twins, before the product is finalised, allowing them to explore conceptual designs, discover and correct unexpected interactions between subsystems early in the design process, validate product performance and more. With an easy way to share and explore models using the MapleSim Explorer, organizations can avoid overloading their modelling experts with requests that do not require modelling expertise, while still getting the answers they need.

The MapleSim Explorer runs simulations of any MapleSim model and allows users to change model parameters, investigate and plot any model variables, view 2-D simulations results and 3-D simulation animations, and analyze the model using built-in MapleSim Apps, such as Parameter Sweep, Optimization, and Monte Carlo.

‘A lot of engineering knowledge gets embedded in Digital Twins and other virtual models, but it’s difficult to get that valuable information out to everyone who needs it when only modelling experts can access the model,’ says Dr Chad Schmitke, MapleSim senior director at Maplesoft. ‘With the MapleSim Explorer, organizations can make their MapleSim models available to more people, so they can leverage the engineering knowledge contained in the model and get the answers that will help them make better decisions, quickly and efficiently.’

The MapleSim Explorer is a complementary deployment solution to the MapleSim Server. The MapleSim Explorer is a standalone product that provides individuals with direct access to MapleSim models and simulation results.  By comparison, the MapleSim Server allows engineers to explore MapleSim models through interactive web applications, using only a standard web browser.

The MapleSim Explorer is available in English, Japanese, and French.


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