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Eurotech announces the acquisition of Inonet Computer

Eurotech, a provider of Edge Computing solutions, has announced that it has successfully finalised the acquisition from InoNet. The deal extends Eurotech's footprint in Germany and accelerates its growth strategy in the Edge Computing market in AIoT.

The addition of InoNet gives Eurotech relevance and critical mass in Germany, and enables access to the DACH market, which is the world's second-largest market for industrial IoT after the United States.

InoNet shares with Eurotech the same focus on critical applications, high-quality products, and high-value-added solutions. In addition to this affinity, the two companies have a strong complementarity of products, markets, and channels.

Eurotech has identified InoNet as a solid platform to accelerate in the emerging global Edge AI market, growing over 30 per cent Year on year.

In addition, integration with Edge SW and cybersecurity certifications will enable Eurotech to differentiate and accelerate its journey towards being a provider of integrated devices for Edge AIoT applications.

Finally, InoNet's portfolio of customers in the midcaps of the DACH region provides the basis for up-selling opportunities of our Edge SW (ESF and EC).

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