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Cloud partnership aimns to launch GenAI capabilities

Kin + Carta is teaming up with Google Cloud to develop new generative AI solutions for their enterprise clients. The partnership, through Kin + Carta's Google Practice, will further accelerate the consultancy's generative AI strategy, bringing new AI-powered features and experiences to users.

The move brings all the advantages of generative AI to Kin + Carta's clients. The business benefits of generative AI can include enhanced productivity, increased efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction, resulting in a more successful and profitable business.

Kin + Carta has already produced demos and accelerators aligned to a handful of industry use cases which ensures their clients can quickly implement generative AI. These initial demos and accelerators span healthcare, financial services and agriculture, with more in development.

Effective use of generative AI can help businesses automate content creation, saving time and resources while also producing high-quality content in various formats. It can also assist with language translation, making communication with customers from different regions easier and more effective. Generative AI technology can also be used to build AI-enhanced search engines or assistive experiences to help users navigate complex transactions or analyse patterns in documents. Additionally, generative AI can improve customer service by powering chatbots that can quickly and accurately respond to inquiries.

"Generative AI is undoubtedly a game changer for the modern enterprise," says Robbie Clews, Senior Director of Google Cloud at Kin + Carta. "Progressive companies have embraced gen AI not as a net-new technology, but rather as an accelerator and access point to the tremendous latent value of their data assets. The Kin + Carta Google Practice is working arm-in-arm with Google Cloud and our clients to ensure a scalable, repeatable and sustainable approach to GenAI adoption."

"New generative AI consulting and delivery capabilities from Kin + Carta will bring new and innovative solutions to organisations across industries," says Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channel, Google Cloud. "We're excited to expand our work with Kin + Carta on Generative AI and to help customers to accelerate their AI-driven transformations."

Through the partnership with Google Cloud, the Kin + Carta Google Practice is expanding its consulting and technology delivery offerings to help clients materialise the value proposition of generative AI in their businesses:

  • Briefing of Google Cloud's generative AI solutions and roadmap including support for Vertex AI, Generative AI App Builder, and MakerSuite;
  • Use case workshops to identify new business-driven opportunities for automation and acceleration leveraging Google Cloud's generative AI solutions and ecosystem of products
  • Delivery of rapid prototypes to demonstrate and align generative AI value with cloud investments;
  • Strategy for Human in the Loop (HITL) design to accelerate known business opportunities;
  • Rapid POC/ prototypes to demonstrate the value of the technology.




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