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Cavium Partners joins OpenCAPI

Cavium, a provider of semiconductor products that enable secure and intelligent processing for enterprise, data centre, wired and wireless networking is partnering with IBM for next generation platforms by joining OpenCAPI, an initiative founded by IBM, Google, AMD and others. 

OpenCAPI provides high-bandwidth, low latency interface optimised to connect accelerators, IO devices and memory to CPUs. With this announcement Cavium plans to bring its leadership in server IO and security offloads to next generation platforms that support the OpenCAPI interface.

Traditional system architectures are becoming a bottleneck for new classes of data-centric applications that require faster access to peripheral resources like memory, I/O and accelerators. For the efficient deployment and success of such applications, it is imperative to put the compute power closer to the data.

OpenCAPI, a mature and complete specification enables such a server design that can increase datacentre server performance by several times, enabling corporate and cloud data centres to speed up big data, machine learning, analytics, and other emerging workloads.

Capable of 25Gbits per second data rate, OpenCAPI delivers the best in class performance, enabling the maximum utilization of high speed I/O devices like Cavium Fibre Channel adapters, low latency Ethernet NICs, programmable SmartNIC and security solutions.

Cavium delivers the industry's most comprehensive family of I/O adapters and network accelerators which have the potential to be seamlessly integrated into OpenCAPI based systems. Cavium's portfolio includes FastLinQEthernet Adapters, Converged Networking Adapters, LiquidIO SmartNICs, Fibre Channel Adapters and NITROX Security Accelerators that cover the entire spectrum for data-centric application connectivity, offload and acceleration requirements.

‘We welcome Cavium to the OpenCAPI consortium to fuel innovation for today's data-intensive cognitive workloads,’ said Bob Picciano, senior vice president, IBM Cognitive Systems. ‘Together, we will tap into Cavium's next-generation technology, including networking and accelerators, and work in tandem with other partners' systems technology to unleash high-performance capabilities for our clients' data centre workloads.’

‘We are excited to be a part of the OpenCAPI consortium. As our partnership with IBM continues to grow, we see more synergies in high speed communication and Artificial Intelligence applications.’ said Syed Ali, founder and CEO of Cavium. ‘We look forward to working with IBM to enable exponential performance gains for these applications.’


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