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Xifin expands LIS platform features

With laboratories are under intense pressure to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency while enhancing quality and maintaining regulatory compliance. XIFIN is aiming to help laboratories meet these challenges with the next evolution of its laboratory information system (LIS), XIFIN LIS 6. The expanded platform features enhancements that support high complexity, high volume labs, as well as new integrated capabilities available through strategic partners, including artificial intelligence (AI)-powered digital pathology workflow and genomic data interpretation, automated prior authorisation, and test utilisation decision support. The company is also sharing an update on its role in the American Society of Clinical Pathology’s (ASCP) global initiative, 'Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa'.

XIFIN LIS is specifically designed to meet the varied operational needs and regulatory requirements for almost every kind of diagnostic laboratory. It also supports precision medicine programs by helping labs more easily integrate, communicate and exchange information with other systems, like electronic health records (EHRs) and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions, to improve patient outcomes.

'Labs are part of a larger healthcare ecosystem, and making them more accessible and extensible to the community is a critical success factor to grow their value. Yet, labs are facing continued industry changes and pressures, including the move into molecular and pharmacogenomic testing, and new enterprise-wide efforts related to population health and precision medicine initiatives,' said Vicki DiFrancesco, chief strategy officer of XIFIN. 'XIFIN’s LIS is purpose-built for labs to help them meet these demands and trends. Our deep industry expertise and our investment in key strategic partnerships allow us to continue to innovate so that our clients can meet evolving testing needs and add new revenue models while mitigating risk and avoiding compliance issues. A laboratory’s LIS must be considered a strategic investment that should grow and move with the lab and not hinder it.'

With XIFIN LIS 6, XIFIN continues to respond to the needs of diagnostic lab leaders who must quickly adapt to changing test strategies, expanding test menus, and seek better integration with the broader healthcare ecosystem. The platform increases laboratory testing capacity, shortens turnaround time, and creates new revenue stream opportunities. XIFIN LIS 6 builds on the many enhancements and benefits introduced in XIFIN LIS 5, such as multi-speciality workflow support including next-generation sequencing (NGS), universal image management, clinical trials, and multidisciplinary care team collaboration. The latest iteration enables labs to review results in batches and sort by various result types including accession/case, specimen, and test, as well as universal plate mapping management – capabilities that are critical for NGS testing.

Expansion outside the US and helping Accelerate Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment in Africa

In addition to the US market, XIFIN supports the global needs of its clients in places such as the United Kingdom, China and the Netherlands. Additionally, XIFIN joined the ASCP’s global initiative 'Partners for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Africa' in 2018, to provide patients in underserved areas of Sub-Saharan Africa access to quality, real-time cancer diagnostics, as well as effective care and treatment. XIFIN LIS enables electronic data capture, reporting and data exchange for each lab facilitates case review and virtual consultation with US-based pathologists, and helps train a new generation of African pathologists. Due to the cloud-based platform, deployment to new labs is streamlined and avoids the need for local hardware management. XIFIN LIS is now live in multiple labs in Rwanda, is about to be deployed in Tanzania, and will soon be deployed in Liberia.


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