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Wells' Dairy implements ELN to drive R&D productivity

Wells' Dairy has implemented an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) to improve operational efficiency and provide more robust protection for its intellectual property assets. Wells' Dairy is using the E-WorkBook from IDBS, a provider of research data management and analytics solutions.

Wells' Dairy required more robust data capture than that offered by traditional paper recording, plus the ability to capture information at the point of invention for the establishment and defence of potential intellectual property (IP). Furthermore, the digitisation of information within the research and development functions supports the company's QA (quality assurance) activities.

Deployment of E-WorkBook suite has enabled the capture, analysis and reporting of data across the R&D function. As a result of E-WorkBook's broad range of workflows and user roles, the system is very easy to use and consequently has a high level of user adoption. It also allows the application to be used across culinary arts, manufacturing, materials planning and collating consumer feedback.

John Kennedy II, culinologist from Wells' Dairy commented: 'E-WorkBook suite was chosen over rival applications primarily because it is easy to use. We were particularly impressed with the ability to consolidate information by simply using drag and drop functionality. This ease of use has led to E-WorkBook being adopted throughout the organisation, from research through to manufacturing. In addition, the clear audit trials and traceability available with E-WorkBook secures data and prevents experiments and tests being repeated.'


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