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Wellcome Trust deploys genomics data management solution

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics is using the Geneus lab and data management solution from GenoLogics for its genomics research, including integrations to next generation sequencing platforms The centre undertakes research into the genetic basis of multi-factorial diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, infectious diseases, psychiatric disorders and multiple sclerosis. The Genomics Group of the centre not only conducts research and development, but also provides a number of services for the centre and other University of Oxford groups. Areas of interest include microarray, high-throughput quantitative gene expression, high-throughput genotyping and other specialties.  

According to Dr Ioannis Ragoussis, head of genomics at the centre: 'We selected Geneus for our centralised lab and data management platform because of its flexibility to automate data capture from a wide range of genomics instruments and applications, while allowing us to more efficiently track samples and QC results across numerous projects. A primary consideration in our selection of Geneus was the platform's capability to fully integrate to our next generation sequencing instruments from Illumina and Roche, and automatically pipeline data for downstream analysis.'


Since Geneus is designed for the unique needs of genomics research facilities, the lab and data management solution can be deployed quickly to provide the centre with immediate value. Pre-configured integrations across many instruments, including Illumina's Genome Analyzer, means Geneus will improve the efficiency of the centre as well as the quality of the data. This includes configuring the system for range of applications such as ChIP sequencing, resequencing, whole genome sequencing and genome wide association studies. By using GenoLogics' web collaboration tool, LabLink, and adaptive reporting engine, the centre will also be able to easily generate and share results with its customers.


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