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Wageningen University chooses Dnastar for bioinformatics software

Dnastar and Wageningen University and Research centre in Wageningen, the Netherlands have signed a broad site license agreement for the use of Dnastar's Lasergene sequence analysis software.

Under the terms of the site license, all researchers in the University's Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences will have unlimited use of the software for their sequence analysis projects. The site license will include the latest version of Lasergene, v8.1, which provides users with automated virtual MultiSite Gateway cloning capabilities, along with numerous other new features. Lasergene provides users with tools to perform a wide range of DNA assembly, visualisation and analysis operations on data generated by the conventional Sanger sequencing method, as well as next generation platforms available from Roche 454, Illumina, ABI Solid and Helicos. It can also be used in a wide range of protein analysis applications.


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