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VNI announces IMSL Fortran Library 6.0 support for IBM BlueGene/P

Visual Numerics (VNI) has announced the ability of IMSL Fortran Library, its mathematical and statistical library, to support IBM's Blue Gene/P.

IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputers are deployed by universities and government research labs worldwide for computational studies in areas such as weapons research, radio astronomy, protein folding, climate research, cosmology, and drug development.

The IMSL Fortran Library offers MPI coverage, integrated ScaLAPACK support, as well as the ability to leverage IBM's ESSL and OpenMP to support both shared memory (SMP) and distributed memory (DMP) technology for developing high performance computing applications. The library can also automatically execute certain algorithms on the appropriate environment, SMP or DMP, depending on the number of nodes chosen.

With support for Blue Gene/P, IMSL Fortran Library coverage now ranges from personal computers to the world's largest supercomputers. Developers can write prototype or application code on desktops and use that same code on Blue Gene/P, providing great flexibility in numerical application development without sacrificing capability or performance. The IMSL Fortran Library is also backwards compatible, enabling the migration of legacy applications from other high performance computing environments to Blue Gene/P. With an increasing number of labs and organizations moving to Blue Gene/P to run their numerically intense applications, having reliable numerical analysis software like the IMSL Fortan Library is critical.

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