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Vernalis employs ELN for chemistry data management

Vernalis, an R&D-based speciality biopharmaceutical company, has purchased E-WorkBook Suite for chemistry (ChemBook) from IDBS as its corporate chemistry data management solution.

Vernalis sought an application that would provide its scientists with state-of-the-art chemistry technologies, as well as offering rapid and complete access to all its chemistry and IP related data. ChemBook - a chemistry-specific extension to IDBS' enterprise class E-WorkBook Suite - incorporates IDBS' advanced chemistry technologies by offering a chemically 'aware' spreadsheet for data analysis and statistical trending.

The decision to select the E-WorkBook Suite was based on the product's ability to adapt to specific workflows, achieved through configuration – as opposed to customisation - of the solution.

The ELN manages multiple process workflows within and between groups. Flexible and searchable reports are generated across all data stored within the notebook, including file and spectral annotations.

Jo Lerpiniere, senior informatics scientist for Vernalis, commented: 'IDBS were willing and helpful in demonstrating solutions to streamline our workflow and our aim is to replace all paper based lab notebooks with their ELN. The E-WorkBook Suite is a practical and adaptable choice of ELN that easily integrates with our workflow.'


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