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Titian celebrates pharma uptake of Mosaic suite

Half of the top 20 pharma/biotech companies now use Titian Software's Mosaic sample management suite, a modular platform for all aspects of sample storage and preparation.

Richard Fry, commercial director of Titian, commented: 'We are delighted that so many of the top pharma companies are using the Mosaic software suite, and in particular that the growth of our installed base has been largely driven by repeat business with, and recommendations by, existing customers. This success demonstrates not only the flexibility and robustness of the Mosaic software, but also increased awareness of the benefits that optimised sample management can bring to the laboratory.'

The Mosaic software suite has been proven as a reliable, stable and robust system, with modules to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage and preparation. It incorporates inventory tracking, workflow management, sample ordering and the integration of robotic workstations from a variety of vendors. The result is higher throughput, faster completion of orders, reduced labour costs and low error rates.

Titian's first system was deployed more than nine years ago and in the time since no customer has ever retired a Mosaic system. Fry added: 'We have a wonderful community of customers. Their investment, experience and suggestions for product improvement continue to move Mosaic forward and keep it relevant to current needs. I think that's why the systems are enjoying such long and happy deployed lives, and continuing to deliver strong return on investment.'


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