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Test labs for furniture manufacture select new LIMS

LabVantage has signed a recent purchase agreement with one of the world's largest furniture manufacturers for its raw material testing, development, quality management and process research laboratories. With the new LIMS in place, global test labs will better manage, control, and verify tests conducted on a global level and outside of the enterprise between approved external laboratories and suppliers.  

‘This industry is familiar with our strict standards in materials testing and quality management, considering that we customise our own testing machines to facilitate our research. To meet this standard, our LIMS must be both powerful and reliable. After a thorough analysis, we decided it is one thing we definitely don’t want to build,’ said the global laboratory director.

Paolo Concio, LabVantage European sales director commented that this was a major breakthrough for LabVantage, given that the world’s impression of LIMS and laboratories is that they are for pharmaceutical and bioscience industries. ‘You will be astonished by the vigorous testing that furniture manufacturers conduct and will also immediately realise how critical a state-of-the-art LIMS is to them.’

The features for this implementation include advanced reporting and analytics decision support, global accessibility via the Internet with multi-nationalisation (globalisation, localisation and multilingual support), ELN and powerful configurability. With LabVantage Connect, researchers can immediately integrate the LIMS with most existing instruments, including simple, complex and proprietary systems.

The centralised installation of the LIMS will support the organisation’s R&D lab, QA/QC labs and even its suppliers’ QA/QC labs disseminated across nations. This streamlines detailed laboratory resource planning and simplifies processes for both external suppliers and laboratories as well.


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