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Tessella and Definiens form strategic partnership

Definiens is to train Tessella consultants to deploy and integrate the former's image analysis technology into the IT infrastructures of large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Definiens' image analysis software is built on the company's Definiens Cognition Network Technology, which emulates human cognitive processes to extract intelligence from images. Tessella's consultants will receive advanced training in Definiens XD, the company's new platform for multidimensional image analysis. Tessella's experts will develop new rule sets and applications for the seamless integration of Definiens technology across its clients' IT infrastructure, and will provide on-site support and troubleshooting services. Tessella will also independently market software incorporating Definiens technology.

Tessella's extensive network of consultants will accelerate the enterprise-wide integration of Definiens technology, as well as providing embedded support services to Definiens' existing and future customers.


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