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Tech-X establishes UK subsidiary

Tech-X has established a subsidiary in the UK, co-located at the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus (Daresbury SIC), in collaboration with The Cockcroft Institute (the National Centre for Accelerator Science and Technology). The establishment of the base at Daresbury SIC follows two years of work by Tech-X, including several visits to the Northwest region. The move was supported by The Mersey Partnership (TMP) and the overseas team of the Northwest Regional Development Agency, North of England Inward Investment Agency.  

Dr John Cary, chief executive of Tech-X, said: 'Having the campus as our base in the UK makes perfect sense, as it will allow ease of co-operation with our collaborators at Daresbury SIC and the Cockcroft Institute, and it also places us close to the Hartree Centre for Computational Science. As well as enabling discovery-class science, we're really looking forward to working with UK universities, labs, and industry.'

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