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Supercomputer to be deployed at the University of Stuttgart

At the University of Stuttgart in Germany, the High Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart (HLRS) will install the first stage of a system called Hermit, a one Pflop Cray system, in the autumn of 2011. This initial step is to be followed by a four to five Pflop second step in 2013. The contract with Cray includes the delivery of a Cray XE6 supercomputer and the future delivery of the company’s next-generation supercomputer code-named ‘Cascade’.

The XE6 combines Cray's current Gemini system interconnect with AMD Opteron processors and is designed to deliver production petascale computing. Fully upgradeable from the XT5 and XT6 line of supercomputers, the XE6 system offers improved interconnect performance and features additional enhancements such as improved network resiliency, a mature and scalable software environment and the ability to run a broad array of ISV applications with the latest version of the Cray Linux Environment. The next-generation Cascade supercomputer will feature a continuing evolution of the Cray Linux Environment, Cray's HPC-optimised programming environment, a next-generation interconnect chipset follow-on to Gemini, and support for future Intel Xeon processors.

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