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Structural engineer selects solution for composite design process

High Modulus Europe, a supplier of composite technology and structural engineering services, has selected Altair Engineering's HyperWorks simulation suite to enhance its composite design process. The computer aided engineering (CAE) suite and its integrated solver solution, RADIOSS, were selected because of their ease of use and ability to significantly decrease the timescales involved with complex composite structural design tasks.

'As a consultancy, we have to stay responsive and commercially competitive, without compromising the high service quality our clients have come to expect from High Modulus,' said James Anderson, senior design engineer and FE team leader, High Modulus. 'When I joined the company, we were using an alternate virtual design solution at our head office in New Zealand, and despite having very experienced staff, it was taking us a considerable time from start to finish of an FEA project. We halved this time by switching to HyperWorks, so this solution was the clear choice when assessing the design tool requirements for our European office. The CAE suite has allowed us to be extremely flexible for our clients, since we can perform more design iterations more quickly.'


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