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Storage upgraded at US Department of Defense

Panasas has been awarded a subcontract by Lockheed Martin to supply department-wide storage and parallel file system infrastructure as part of the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) High Performance Computing Modernisation Program (HPCMP). The HPCMP supports DoD scientists and engineers by providing HPC systems, large-scale data storage and complementary technologies. Prior to its storage enhancement programme, user archival and retrieval demands were pushing the performance limits of the DoD tape archival system.

By deploying Panasas’ ActiveStor storage and the PanFS parallel file system, each site provides additional near-HPC storage to reduce data access times. By providing users additional time to analyse their computational data before having to archive it, the DoD HPCMP hopes to dramatically reduce the cost associated with storing unnecessary data. RAID data protection is provided as part of Panasas’ parallel file system, meaning the DoD HPCMP does not need additional third-party RAID controllers, further reducing cost and complexity while eliminating performance bottlenecks and single points of failure.

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