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Shanghai University partners with Numerical Algorithms Group

Shanghai University, part of the consortium to extend the Chinese aerospace industry, has formed a strategic partnership with the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG). The collaboration involves the cooperative development of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to be used by the industry, with NAG providing development tools, computational science and engineering technical support and consultations. It will utilise a high-performance computing platform for key CFD research, which is essential in order to achieve the civilian aircraft industry targets established in the Chinese Government's ‘Long-term Scientific and Technological Development Plan (2006-2020)’.

‘We need a strong, accurate numerical computation engine to lay the basis for the aerospace R&D platform,’ said Zhang Wu, the dean of the Computer Science School and director of the High Performance Computing Center at Shanghai University. ‘NAG's knowledgebase in numerical computation and numerical analysis built over more than four decades, and their leadership in many of the world's leading High-Performance Computing centers makes them a valuable partner for the CFD research required. Also, the NAG organisation includes many computational scientists originally trained in China and it is this type of international diversity and cooperation that will facilitate the fast progress needed for this and other industrial development projects in China.’

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