Serge Bogaerts announced as managing director of PRACE

The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) has announced that Serge Bogaerts has been appointed as PRACE’s managing director.

PRACE is an international non-profit association that provides a high-performance computing (HPC) services for scientists and researchers from academia and industry in Europe. The HPC systems are provided by 5 PRACE members (BSC representing Spain, CINECA representing Italy, CSCS representing Switzerland, GCS representing Germany and GENCI representing France).

Bogaerts will support the transition to PRACE 2 in his new full-time role. As Secretary of the PRACE Council, he already gathered extensive knowledge of PRACE.

‘Serge has the right management and technical expertise we need in this important phase of PRACE. I am happy that Serge will be devoting his time fully to the leadership of the BoD. I would also like to thank his predecessor, Alison Kennedy of the STFC Hartree Centre, for her dedication and support to date and look forward to a fruitful and pleasant collaboration with Serge in the near future’ said Anwar Osseyran, PRACE Council Chair.

Bogaerts was officially appointed as managing director of PRACE on Friday 28th October 2016 during a meeting of the PRACE Board of Directors (BoD). Bogaerts currently holds the function of PRACE Council Secretary and Delegate for Belgium within the scope of his position as HPC and infrastructure manager at Cenaero, Belgium. Serge will start his work at the Brussels office of PRACE early 2017

‘PRACE is currently in a transition phase to a new funding and governance model. This phase is a stepping stone towards a persistent and sustainable PRACE Research Infrastructure, and I am very much looking forward to being deeply involved in the implementation of this new phase as well as in the further development of PRACE in supporting European excellence in Science and Innovation.’ stated Serge Bogaerts.

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