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Saudi Arabian supercomputing facility selects Allineas debugging tools

A new supercomputing facility at the aeronautical engineering department of King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in Saudi Arabia has chosen tools from Allinea Software for the development of software that will extend research capabilities in topics such as turbulent flow modelling.

Allinea DDT with Cuda and Allinea OPT software, which enables users to debug code running on the GPU in addition to the CPU, and perform comprehensive analysis for complex codes respectively, will run on a 4,300-core IBM system installed at the facility. 

Ibraheem Al-Qadi, assistant professor at KAU commented: ‘For our new HPC facility, we required debugging and optimisation software that would allow us to work more efficiently in accomplishing our goal to carry out advanced turbulent flow simulations. The impressive scalability, support for GPU and intuitive user interfaces would enable us to achieve this and, as such, these were the deciding factors for choosing Allinea DDT with Cuda and Allinea OPT products.’

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