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Saab turns to cloud-based HPC platform

Saab Automobile (Sweden) is using a cloud-based HPC platform from Gridcore, following the former's split from parent company General Motors.

During the summer of 2009, Saab Automobile , located in Trollhättan (Sweden) contacted Gridcore AB in order to address Saab's need for new HPC, resulting from the separation of the company from General Motors. Once the main requirements of the new HPC platform were pointed out, Gridcore offered Saab Gompute Gridcore's HPC cloud solution that addressed Saab's requirements and needs.

Since November 2009, Gompute has been providing Saab Automobile engineers with a turnkey dedicated HPC on-demand solution together with complete support from Gridcore's technical personnel. Gompute minimises capital investment costs at the same time that allows Saab to enlarge their simulation capacity flexibly without unnecessary overhead costs.

Using the Gompute advanced user interface, Saab's engineers are allowed to run remotely and post-process simulations ranging from crash analysis and flow dynamics to combustion.

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