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Russia announces top supercomputers

The 10th edition of the CIS Top 50 most powerful supercomputers in Russia has been published by its creators the Research Computing Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the RAS Joint Supercomputer Center. For the first time ever the average peak performance of the systems represented in the rating has exceeded 10 TFlop/s.

Since the latest publication the total peak performance of such systems has grown by 14.95 per cent and reached 510 TFlop/s (trillions floating-point operations per second). The total performance tested by Linpack has also grown by 15.33 per cent and reached 382.6 TFlop/s within half-year. Thus, the average peak performance has for the first time exceeded 10 TFlop/s and amounts to 7.65 TFlop/s as tested by Linpack.

The supercomputer MVS-100K developed by Hewlett-Packard has maintained the leading position in the rating of The system is installed in the RAS Joint Supercomputer Center. The performance of the updated system amounts to 71.28 TFlop/s as tested by Linpack and 75 per cent of the peak performance (95.04 TFlop/s).

The supercomputer SKIF MSU 'Chebyshev’ has ranked second. The supercomputer was jointly developed by the Lomonosov MSU, the company 'T-Platforms’ and the RAS Institute of Programming Systems. It is located in the MSU Research Computer Center. The real performance of the SKIF MSU 'Chebyshev’ amounts to 47.3 TFlop/s as tested by Linpack which is 78.9 per cent of the peak performance (60 TFlop/s).

The next 11th Top 50 CIS Supercomputers edition will be announced by the owners of at the end of September 2009 at the Russian National Supercomputer Conference 'Scientific Service in the Internet: Scalability, Parallelism, Efficiency'.

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