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Roche selects Mosaic Software for managing its global sample banks

Sample management software provider, Titian Software, has announced that its Mosaic sample management software has been selected by Roche to provide fast, easy access to the company’s sample banks in Europe and the US. Mosaic, which is capable of integrating with a wide range of automated robotic hardware and infrastructure, will make it easier for Roche employees worldwide to order compounds in a range of formats from one of several sample banks using a simple online ordering system.

The new approach will optimise workflow efficiency while simplifying collaboration between users in different research sites across the globe. The software can be used to monitor the current status of available inventory in real-time, automatically generates shipment documentation and delivery notes, and provides information on sample delivery status.

Providing a range of flexible options through its modular nature, Mosaic is comprised of five modules, including inventory tracking, ordering, workflow management, robotics and integration APIs.


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