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Report evaluates open source grid portals

GridwiseTech has released an exclusive report to help companies select the most suitable grid-compliant open source portals. The report evaluates GridSphere, Liferay and uPortal.

The report looked at the portals in an objective fashion to highlight their strong and weak points in areas such as security, management, configuration, ease of use and the available developer toolkit.

Portals, or web-based user interfaces, have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a means of remotely managing large amounts of data and specialised applications for users without a strong IT background. In addition, they are relatively simple to develop and deploy, and easy to maintain.

The researchers were keen to emphasise that the report does not rank the different solutions, but provides a fair assessment. GridwiseTech’s president, Pawel Plaszcza, explained: 'Eventually, the decision on the optimal product highly depends on customer’s particular requirements. We assist customers in these challenging decisions as well as in follow-on development and integration work.'

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