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Renewable energy leader selects ClusterVision

ClusterVision, a specialist in high-performance computing solutions, has announced the successful installation of a compute cluster at EMD International, one of the world’s leading providers of software and research consultancy to the renewable energy market.

The completion of the cluster is the result of a successful partnership between Tier-1 system provider Dell, which supplied the server, storage and interconnect components, and ClusterVision, which provided the specialist on-site integration, cluster management environment and on-going support services.

The cluster will be used to develop and run commercial software applications and to manage an extensive database of research information.

EMD International is a leading software and knowledge centre serving organisations involved in the planning, production and distribution of wind and other renewable energy sources. With headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark, it has regional offices in Germany, France, Spain, UK, USA, the Middle East and China.

High oil prices, coupled with growing environmental and climatic concerns over fossil and nuclear based energy, are driving an increasing demand for the commercially viable production of renewable energy. The European Union has a binding programme of commitment to a 20 per cent dependence on alternative energy sources by the year 2020, with many EU member states calling for even further-reaching targets.

Wind energy is considered to be one of the leading potential sources of alternative energy production, and is one of the most consistently supported options by the general public.


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