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Registration opens for DEISA PRACE Symposium

DEISA, the Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications, and PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, are – for the first time – merging their annual science symposia into one big European HPC event: The DEISA PRACE Symposium 2009. This symposium will take place from May 11 to May 13 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and will be hosted by SARA and NCF at the Royal Tropical Institute.

The theme of this unique symposium is 'HPC Infrastructures for Petascale Applications'. This is what PRACE and DEISA are jointly creating for Europe – and what other organisations and projects are building in the USA and Asia. The symposium is of major interest to a broad audience: from scientific users, HPC technology experts and vendors, government representatives and industry partners.

Prominent keynote speakers from all over the world are going to outline the global perspectives of HPC in the Petascale era, the new generation of supercomputers for scientific research. Speakers on the first day include Mario Campolargo of the European Commission; Ed Seidel from the National Science Foundation (USA) and Ryutaro Himeno from RIKEN (Japan).

The second day continues on HPC global perspectives with further talks from the European Commission, USA, Australia, India. The session 'Science Communities' will feature the following speakers: Sylvie Joussaume (climate research), Carlos Frenk (cosmology), Frank Jenko (fusion research) and Peter Coveney (life sciences). PRACE is going to reveal its perspectives on HPC architectures, Applications, Training and Education, The DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative will present ten computational science grand challenge projects from all over Europe and covering many science areas.

Registration for the DEISA PRACE Symposium, which is free, is open at DEISA's and PRACE's websites.

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