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Qlucore expands in Japanese markets

Bioinformatics software developer Qlucore has entered into a distribution agreement with Filgen, a Japanese company specialising in sales of science research equipment. Japan's biotech market currently contains more than 1,000 bio-based companies, accounting for revenues of more than 25 trillion yen (£190bn), according to ArgosBiotech, the biotechnology information directory for the life sciences community. As such, Japan is currently devoting substantial resources to developing universities and R&D facilities, encouraging biotech start-ups and developing large communities of biotechnology companies and institutions in order to become one of the world's most advanced biotechnology regions.

Qlucore's Omics Explorer software will provide researchers working within Japan's fast-growing biotechnology sector with a data analysis tool that enables them to study their own data and look for patterns and structures. One benefit is that researchers don’t need to be statistics or computer experts in order to use the software effectively.

Since its launch in 2004, Filgen has earned a reputation for its work within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, including its Biotechnology Analysis Service. ‘We have no doubt that Qlucore Omics Explorer will be very attractive to the scientific community in Japan,’ said Hidekatsu Yoneda, director of Filgen. ‘The biotech and pharmaceutical sectors in Japan are growing very quickly, which means that there is a strong demand for truly innovative solutions in these areas. We therefore expect to promote Qlucore's software with great success.’


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