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Pure Storage latest FlashArray//C aims to make all-flash more accessible

Pure Storage has announced the second generation FlashArray//C, which aims to reduce the cost of running capacity-oriented workloads. FlashArray//C is built on Pure’s DirectFlash technology and Purity software platform to deliver performance and features in a cost effective manner, making it more viable for scientists and researchers to use all-flash storage.

Scott Baker, Vice President of Product Marketing, FlashArray, Pure Storage commented: ‘Delivering a cost-effective, high-capacity solution solves an even bigger problem for customers – removing the complexity from enterprise storage by providing a complete platform, one that addresses all their data storage requirements. With the second generation of FlashArray//C, we’re proud to once again demonstrate our commitment to innovation and make the benefits of flash more accessible for a broader range of use cases at an economic advantage that is sure to make hybrid storage a thing of the past. 

FlashArray//C is available with 24.7TB and, the industry’s largest, 49TB QLC DirectFlash modules providing the lowest possible total cost of ownership. This makes all-flash accessible for use cases previously relegated to spinning disk or hybrid solutions, like backup and data protection, test/dev environments, and workload consolidation.

Sean Donaldson, CTO, Managed Services Division of NTT, Ltd, formerly Secure 24 stated: ‘With FlashArray and Purity, we are able to consolidate our performance and capacity-oriented workloads on one platform, simplifying our environment and enabling us to leverage common data services and analytics across all of our data.’. “We are excited to be adding the all-QLC FlashArray//C to our data centers to further capitalize on the reliable, cost-effective, high-capacity, and high-density benefits the solution delivers.’

The second generation of FlashArray//C is available today. For more information about how your organization can leverage the benefits of FlashArray//C, visit Pure’s website.



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