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Portland Group announces support from AMD's forthcoming processors

The Portland Group's products now include support for the upcoming microprocessors from AMD, based in the latter's Bulldozer architecture.

The Bulldozer core architecture uses a flexible floating point unit called the Flex FP that can simultaneously execute two 128-bit commands or one 128-bit and one 256-bit command. The powerful floating point unit is included in the upcoming 16-core processors codenamed Interlagos intended for high-performance servers. Additionally, Interlagos delivers a rich mix of features targeting complicated, multi-threaded HPC environments.

Supercomputer maker Cray, which includes PGI compilers with nearly all of its HPC systems worldwide, has indicated that some of its largest HPC customers will upgrade their existing systems to include 16-core Interlagos processors.

Support for AMD's Bulldozer architecture is included in all PGI products effective immediately, and is available at no charge to licensees with a current PGI’s Subscription service.

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